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We’ve all heard about the “pay it forward” phenomenon in recent months. Still, many people are simply unaware or unsure about this craze that is sweeping the nation. In a nutshell, pay it forward is basically paying for someone else’s goods and/or services. However, the recipient does not have to be a friend, family member, or loved one. In fact, most scenarios involve complete strangers paying for other strangers in the spirit of the holidays.

pay it forward foundation


A solid example recently took place at a new Starbucks location in Sugar Land, Texas. An angel of a person was at the drive-through buying his or her daily coffee for commuting. The person ended up paying for the 2 cars that were behind him or her. When the patrons drove up to pay for their coffee and croissants, they were incredibly shocked – yet happy and thankful – about the generosity and kindness of the stranger before them. So touched were the customers that they left thank you notes for the staff to give to this mysterious buyer if he or she ever appeared at the location again.

Pay it Forward Community Events

With the nation still very much divided over recent political events – pay it forward offers glimpse of hope and truly restores faith in humanity. According to community organizations, these gestures are not necessarily charitable or philanthropic in nature. They are merely based on a person willing to put a smile on someone else’s face – even if it’s a free cup of coffee or sandwich.

While the Starbucks scenario touched many a heart – the same has happened at a number of franchises and even supermarkets across the nation. Local rotary and community organizations have even organized Pay it Forward events for many interested families and individuals. These events are taking place across the country, and basically include the following:

·         Carpooling to local restaurants, cafes, and franchises to pay for unsuspecting patrons at the drive-through or inside the venue.

·         Anonymous donations on behalf of families to Toys for Tots and other local organizations for the holidays.

·         Buying food, clothing, and essentials for homeless people on the street.

·         Visiting Veterans Affairs offices with free lunches, gifts, and thank you packages for the holidays.

·         Working with civic organizations to ensure terminally ill patients and children receive gifts and quality time with new friends and people that genuinely care about their welfare.

If you would like to volunteer this holiday season, simply contact your local charity or house of worship today.

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outdoor party

With summer rapidly approaching, countless families and businesses will be hosting outdoor parties and events. From weddings and receptions to neighborhood barbecues – chair hire services are simply perfect for any outdoor gathering or occasion. With years of extensive industry experience, area experts feature a full range of chairs, tables, and accessories that will spruce up any social function. These items can easily be delivered to your location – and set up according to your instructions. They can also be picked up from local chair rental companies, which helps save time for last minute parties and events. With several sizes and styles available, chair rentals provide optimal comfort and convenience for all gatherings and social mixers.

How to Rent Chairs

Chair hire services are easy to secure for your family events and occasions. They offer several packages as well, along with promotional discounts for new and recurring customers. Chairs are also available in several colors – which are great for matching the décor and theme of your event. They are also sturdy, durable, and designed for optimal mobility and flexibility. Whether for outdoor barbecues, brunches, or even lavish and elegant social tea parties – customers are guaranteed the best chair rentals at cost-affordable rates. Chair hire services can also be found on the Internet, along with price comparisons, customer testimonials, and company rankings and ratings. This helps clients make a worthwhile and informed hiring choice for their events.

Chairs for All Occasions

Chair hire services are available for all lawn parties and corporate team-building events. Customers can save a bundle by renting chairs with group or bulk discounts. They simply need to speak with local renters to access all the great savings and services. Chairs are also available for:

· Bar Mitzvahs – school events – fundraisers – corporate functions – birthday parties.

· Social mixers – banquets – team building events – family reunions – barbecues – brunches – neighborhood National Night Out parties.

· Corporate meetings – seminars – symposiums –book signings – any and all outdoor or indoor events.

For more information on renting chairs, tables, and accessories –simply contact your local rental company and experience the difference!

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Previously, it was all about planning a great event, and that would automatically attract attendees in the future. Unfortunately, today it takes more than that for dynamics such as travel limitations and tight budgets influence attendance highly.
Therefore, you have to go that extra mile in hammering the essence of your event and proving it is worth the time. Here are a few tips that you will find useful in keeping your conference halls packed all year round.

event planning tipsInvesting heavily in customized marketing: long gone are the days when you could send generic messages to the target attendees. The personal touch in tailored messages is quite touching in comparison to the automated way of forwarding the same message to everyone you are targeting. Even for those who have been attending for a long time, need a unique message now and then. That way you cultivate loyalty in ways you could never achieve if you keep on sending the same message repeatedly.

However, while the return attendees get a message themed as that of those making a first attendance, theirs, should have something more. You need to highlight why to keep on coming back. You can do this with the help of bulleted lists with short explanations. You can also make offers that are hard to resist such as discounts.

Create and maintain an active online family: while people spend a lot of time together at conferences and events, rarely do they get to interact. Due to the tight schedules, some do not even get to attend the last sessions. As a result, attendees do not get that personal interaction. No need to worry, you can create an online platform where people get to interact more and share ideas even after the event is over. That way, people get to share a lot and will be looking forward to the next event you plan without a doubt.

As indicated earlier, the events are usually pressed for time and creating a community online provides more time. As such, people discuss longer and at the comfort of their homes. You might also get to know what areas the attendees did not understand and list them down for clarification the next time you plan an event.

social media platform for events


Integrate Social Media platforms:  pictures have a story to tell. The good news is that most social media platforms allow sharing and tagging of photos. Take this opportunity, snap as many photos as you can during the sessions. Later, upload the photos and tag attendees whenever possible. That rekindles memories and may even stir up nostalgia for most people.

Pictures alone will not guarantee you a massive turn up the next time you plan an event. You need great content as well. Take time in designing your social media updates and you will appeal to many.


By now, one thing is unmistakable; you cannot afford to assume the role the internet plays in determining your event’s success. Most businesses get conducted online today, and even meetings get held online, all thanks to video conferencing. For you to succeed in convincing people, you, therefore, need to invest in as many online techniques as possible.

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There has been an outrage by Caterers in Ghana following the introduced method of compensating of the nine months arrears using mobile money instead of using the bank to pay them. The caterers were requested to use their money in facilitating the feeding program and would be refunded later.

However, the recent investigation brought into light shows that since the inception of the program by the parastatal of Local Government and Rural Development, payments have been done through the banking system, and there have never been any complaints so far.

sending-mtn-mobile-money-in-ghanaThe problems, however, started when the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection was put in charge to oversee and take responsibility for the program. The ministry was then ordered to pay all the matrons countrywide using MTN Mobile Money. This announcement brought public out cry and outrage for most speculated that this is a move by the government to pay ghost workers for it would be hard to follow up.

The other problem cited by the caterers is that the new system would make it hard for them to access their funds for the telecommunications company only allows a maximum of One Thousand Ghana Cedis daily.

One thousand Ghana Cedis is minuscule for the preparation of meals for the children’’ said one matron. The replication would be beyond repair for even the quality of food cooked will be down. This will even lead to related health problems like malnutrition that will kill the concentration and the children’s performance in school.

They further speculated that the government was shying away from paying them their dues that have not been paid for the mobile money regulation would work for the benefit of the government. This is because there is a limited amount of money one can receive through the network. The security of their money being geared through MTN was also under question for some said it is more of a risk than easy disposal as some claimed.

A meeting that was scheduled by the various stakeholders came to a halt at the 11th hour due to the absence of the MGCSP who did not show up. When efforts were made to contact him, a confirmed source at the Ministry assured the matrons to remain calm for the prior use of the electronic system is being worked upon.

The source further explained that at the moment the school feeding program is being audited and at a later time a pay method will be announced. The source was however, quick to clear the air that state has no debt of nine months to school matrons but two terms. He further talked about the fraudulent practice of figures being manipulated the number of children being fed by the program.

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Your wedding is just round the corner and you haven’t found a caterer yet; several have been recommended but you cannot go with any of them because you are not sure that they can get the job done. What should you do? The first thing to do is make sure that you are not stressed out – stress can lead to you making wrong decisions that affect your wedding. To find the right caterer for you, interview them and ask them the following questions:


Have you ever catered a wedding before? A caterer can be great at catering parties and other events but if they have never done a wedding they may not be able to do such a good job. You should find out how many weddings they have catered so that you have an idea of how experienced they are. You should also ask them the last wedding they catered and whether they can provide you contact details of the couple. When you call ask if they would hire the same caterer again if they had an event.

Do you have enough staff and equipment? The fact that someone is a good caterer doesn’t mean that they are right for the job. They also have to have all the necessary staff and equipment. The staff should be experienced enough so that your event can go without a hitch. The equipment (including table service) that the caterer has should be enough to feed the number of people that you have invited to your wedding.

various foodWhat kind of food are they experienced in? There are some caterers who do mostly Italian food, others Mexican, others Chinese and so on. Find out if the caterers you are interviewing can provide the kind of menu you want with ease. In addition to that, you should find out where they get their ingredients. Ideally, you want someone who sources fresh produce locally – you get better quality food and you also get variety depending on the season.

Can they give you a broken down quote? It is very important that this quote be in written form so that in case things don’t work out you can get a refund. Also, breaking it down allows you to know what you are paying for so that you can get rid of unnecessary expenses.

Can they help you come up with a menu? If you don’t already have a menu you will realize that it can be quite stressful to come up with a wedding menu. A good caterer should help you come up with a one because he already has experience cooking at weddings.

Can he prepare a tasting? A tasting is critical – it is where you sample not just the food but also the place setting and the plates, cutlery and glasses that the caterer will provide your guests.

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Most people in London know of caterers in the traditional sense – it is the man, woman or company that you pay to manage an event and also provide food. While this is all well and good, the scope of caterer is slowly growing and they are finding themselves taking on jobs that they didn’t do in the past. This has been necessitated by the fact that societal needs are changing. In addition to that, there are a lot of caterers around which has introduced competition in the industry forcing caterers to get creative.  Here are some examples of some of the out-of the-box things that London caterers are doing.

At-home caterers

at home caterersYou have a few guests at home for lunch or dinner and you are either not very good in the kitchen or you don’t have the time or the inclination to cook. You also don’t want to bring in food from the outside – you have all the ingredients and equipment needed to make a great meal right in your kitchen. You can call an at-home caterer. This is a man or woman who comes over to your home not just to cook the food but also help you get your house ready for visitors if it already isn’t. You can tell them what you want the menu to tell you or you can give them creative freedom – it is up to you. They will cook, serve both food and drinks and they will clear up afterwards and clean up your kitchen. This kind of caterer is great for professionals.

New-parents catering

This is a concept that is slowly catching on among London caterers. If you have ever been a new parent, you know how much of a hassle it can be to get healthy meals. Mother needs to eat healthy in order to have healthy breast milk but there seems to be no time to do that because baby is quite demanding. Catering companies are now delivering healthy meals to new parents. They can do them on behalf of a third party – you can call them and ask them to deliver a meal to a friend who has just delivered – and they are also delivering directly to the new parents for a fee. They are a great way for mummy to get some free time and healthy meals. New moms will lose weight faster eating healthy than eating junk.

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Catering for the sick and the elderly

Caring for sick and elderly people can be tough when it comes to meals. If you are in charge, you should try calling for a catered meal – everything will be delivered at your door ready to eat.

While some of these services may be more than ordering in pizza or a fast food meal, it is worth considering that you are getting a fresh meal made out of locally grown ingredients.

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catering with chefs

Planning an event involves more than just catering hire; you have to find a venue, you have to find a speaker, you may have to organize travel and so on. The truth is that no matter how well prepared you are there is always the chance that things can go wrong at the last minute or during the event itself. The company that you hire may fail to do a good catering job, the speaker may fail to show up, someone may fall ill, your entertainment might not show up – the possibilities of what could go wrong are endless. As an event planner you have to know what you can do in the event that things don’t work out as you had hoped.

keppp calm catering has no limitsEmergency

So, what should you do when you are faced with an emergency? The first thing that you should do is remain calm and make sure that all those who are involved remain calm as well. It seems like an obvious thing to say but usually, people lose their tempers and start accusing one another and that way, nothing gets resolved. If you want to find a solution to whatever you are facing it is very important that you keep your head on.

Find out what is happening and why it is happening. You cannot solve a problem if you don’t know what it is and what caused it. Let’s say the caterer is not getting food out fast enough. What is the holdup? Does he have enough employees or should you ring up for more? Is it a delay with the cooker and could an alternative or additional cooker be brought in? This kind of rational thinking is what will get you through when things go wrong during your event. Remember, your guests are relying on you to deliver.

backup planIn addition to that, you should always have a plan B. Backup when you are planning an event is as important as in any other scenario in life. Have a spare caterer, DJ, speaker and so on. There are two emergencies that take place over and over at events and you should be prepared for them. The first is equipment failure. Often, the equipment that is hired for an event will just stop working, either because it wasn’t set up properly or because it is old. Either way, you should have a Plan B for equipment that does not require any technical skills to install. You should also have entertainment to keep your guests busy while you fix the problem.

The second emergency is rain and this usually affects those who hire marquees. It is always nice to have a place where you guests can move to in case it gets too windy.

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Soil Association

In the United Kingdom, the Soil Association has launched the largest UK-wide festivity of all things organic, assembling organic producers, processers, retailers and businesses all together.

With this in mind and with recognition for the catering industry, the Soil Association is bringing caterers to be part of the Organic celebration, this September. The Association has put up a free marketing pack for all Catering Mark holders who are also offering organic food.

food for life catering markThe Food for Life Catering Mark guarantees that food served is sustainable, adheres to animal welfare standards, is free from contentious additives, meets dietary recommendations and is at least seventy five per cent freshly made.

The Catering Mark is conferred at bronze, silver and gold echelons. At silver and gold, caterers are presented points for using more organic constituents.

The Soil Association senior Catering Mark manager – Mr. Rich said: “2015 is the first year that Catering Mark holders have been involved with Organic September. Caterers will locate a range of point of sale materials in their packs that we hope will be a part of their campaign in September, helping to tell consumers more about the advantages of organic food and how the corporation Catering Mark specifies modifications to menus and enhancements to food. We look forward to seeing what thirty small organic changes caterers will be making during the month, he says.

As part of the movement, an interactive ‘Organic 30’ list during the course of the month will reassure customers to ‘organic’ their September by effecting minor changes.

From trading off to organic milk for a month to checking for the Soil Association endorsed logo whilst shopping, the Organic 30 list wishes to show how these little modifications will all amount to a big metamorphosis for the environs.

So if you are a caterer, this is a good celebration for the catering industry!

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